Recently we talked with Dennis Jackman, senior vice-president of public affairs at CSL Behring about the company’s rare disease orphan drug pipeline.

“First of all, we have existing therapies and we’re trying to find new uses for those therapies for rare conditions, some other autoimmune conditions, that have not been addressed adequately,” noted Jackman, adding, “So we are looking at some issues there that can attack various skin conditions. … we’re also looking at new dosage forms that would make it even better in terms of patient convenience.”

With regard to new treatments, Jackman noted “We’re also working in a new area of stem cell gene therapy,” and the company is hopeful that gene therapy template being developed for sickle cell anemia may also “Have applicability for other rare conditions. So we’re exploring that quite heavily,” stated Jackman.

“We’re excited about our entire approach in our portfolio, to tell you the truth,” proclaimed Jackman, adding, that the new work with sickle cell disease has the company energized but investing in new research is nothing new for the company. “We increase our R&D investment every year. Its it’s something that we’ve believed in. Even during the great recession, we were increasing our R&D spending because we believe that is the future and that’s really the core of what do.”

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