Harrison Brown, PhD, BBA, is the Chief Science Officer at Odylia Therapeutics, a non-profit corporation working to help develop gene therapies for rare eye disease.

As Dr. Brown explains in this video, gene therapy is ideal suited for many rare diseases since most rare diseases have a genetic origin. But with 6000 – 7000 known rare diseases and with gene therapy costing over $1 million a therapy, the cost of developing gene therapy for many of the 30 million Americans with a rare condition is not sustainable.

Gene therapy is still in its infancy but the pioneers that have developed this type of therapy have largely overcome many of the obstacles in creating a new treatment paradigm. Because of those many obstacles however, the current cost of gene therapy is extremely high.

Fortunately, as we learn new ways to develop gene therapies, the costs will reduce and it is the goal of Odylia Therapeutics to work with various groups to find novel and inexpensive methods to develop new gene therapies.

For more information, visit https://odylia.org/

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