John Maslowski, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fibrocell Science understands the importance of working with patient advocacy groups to develop rare disease treatments.

Recently, we talked to Maslowski about his biotech company and its reliance on patient groups to inform them about how to best develop treatments and clinical studies.

Maslowski said, “We engage very early, even when we are developing the concept design of early phase trials. That is where we learn a lot about patient needs.”

At the same time, the patient groups come to be more comfortable with the company. “They get to know us and get to be comfortable with us and they understand that we are a good partner.”

Maslowski continued, “We want that good relationship to continue all the way through commercial development….They are our customers so we want them to be aware of the drug, its progress, what it can do, and its availability.”

Fibrocell Science is currently developing two gene therapies – one for epidermolysis bullosa and one for localized scleroderma.