Derralynn Hughes, MD, DPhil, FDCP, FRCPath, Professor of Experimental Haematology
University College London and Clinical Director of Research and Innovation, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, talks about her new CME program highlighting the latest research involving Gaucher disease that was presented at the most recent American Society of Hematology Meeting & Exposition (ASH 2020).  

As Dr. Hughes explains, due to the virtual nature of the presentations this year, many clinicians may not have had the time to examine the latest clinical research in Gaucher disease. Furthermore, ASH 2020 is largely visited by hematologists but Gaucher disease requires a multidisciplinary approach to care, including nephrologists, rheumatologists, orthopedics, pediatrician, geneticists, gastroenterologists, etc., and those specialists would greatly benefit from knowing the latest research about Gaucher disease presented at ASH. 

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This the first of four live webinars focused on lysosomal storage disorders by a collaborative partnership between CheckRare CE, AffinityCE, and LDRTC.