Rare in Common, a podcast hosted by Andra Stratton, regularly posts conversations with leaders in the rare disease community to help them share their stories.

The podcast began in 2017 at Cambridge Biomarketing, as an offshoot of the company’s documentary ‘Rare in Common’. The original premise of the podcast was to follow-up on some of the patient advocates shown in that film but since then, the podcast has grown in popularity and significance. The podcast usually records its interviews in a studio but recently the show has showed up at various conferences, such as the Global Genes Patient Advocacy Summit and the ACGM (American College of Medical Genetics) conference recently held in Seattle.

“We love the podcast and the name ‘rare in common’ is really important to us because
the idea is really no matter what rare disease you have, we all share common problems and challenges and even triumphs,” stated Stratton, adding, “we really like to share stories despite the type of illness so that they may inspire other individuals to keep fighting, may help individuals feel not so alone, may help others without a rare disease have a better understanding of what it is to live a life or go through the challenges of a clinical trial for example and come out the other end. All of those stories are part of the larger puzzle.”

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